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Abstract submission for workshop

A workshop provides an opportunity for a group of participants to achieve a specific goal or address a particular problem. It may be designed to train or educate participants in a particular research methodology or theoretical approach, or to address a specific problem. Workshops should provide participants with materials and/or ideas that are immediately useful in the classroom. It’s possible to present only workshop or both. Workshop presenters should send  necessary handouts (if needed) to IESPTA to be copied prior to the workshop.

Workshop overview abstract (maximum 300 words) including:
1. Objectives: up to four objectives, summarising what you expect the workshop to achieve and issues to be addressed.
2. Activities: an indication of the activities that will be undertaken during the workshop.
3. Description of the intended participants.

Workshops will take place providing a sufficient number of participants apply to ensure the workshop is financially viable. If only a small number of participants register for a workshop, the IESPTA has the right to cancel it up to four weeks ahead of the conference.

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