Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have submitted only abstract and when should I submit Full Paper?
You can submit full paper within 4 weeks after the conference. We prefer the full paper submission before the conference for publication purpose.
2. Can I publish my paper with you without coming to the conference?
No. If you want your paper to be published with us, you will need to present your paper at the conference.
3. How can I publish a chapter in a book?
Outstanding papers will be selected and published in a book.
4. How long will it take to publish my paper in a book?
It depends on how participants complete their work by the deadline given by the publisher.
5. When will conference program be announced?
Two weeks before the conference.
6. Can I pay cash on arrival?
Yes. If you are from Iran and other countries where there is foreign currency restrictions, you can pay cash on arrival. But you need to send us a scanned copy of your Visa, confirmed air-ticket and a scanned letter from the funding body or your department stating that registration will be paid on arrival without any fail and we need these documents 8 weeks before the conference to include you in the program.
7. Can I deduct money transfer fee from the registration fee?
No. You must pay any money transfer fee by yourself and no amount can be deducted from the registration fee.
8. I want to book hotel through you and can you help me? Do you have any special room rates for any hotels?
We have no dealing with any hotel. You need to book your room by yourself. But you can book via We also do not have any special rates with any hotels.
9. Can you assist with visa? Can you provide me financial assistance?
We do not provide any kind of visa assistance other than sending you invitation letter.
10. My co-author is attending the conference. How much does s/he needs to pay?
Co-authors should pay the full amount.
11. I have submitted a paper but I am not sure whether I will be able to attend your conference or get funding.
If you are not able to join the conference after your paper is accepted, you can let us know immediately. If you are certain that you will not be able to come, please do not send a paper. Our experience is that many authors send their papers to conferences just to test the acceptability of their paper. Please do not send your abstract unless you genuinely wish to attend the conference and believe you will be able to do so.