2nd ESP Conference – 2018

The 2nd ESP Conference (ESPOxford) was held at Oxford University on June 1-2. The conference brought together a range of academics, practitioners and teachers to discuss ESP in higher education. The theme was ‘Towards ESP as an Established Academic Discipline’ and our presenters came at this topic from a number of different angles. Professor Svetlana Rubtsova looked at how ESP should facilitate multicultural/intercultural/cross-cultural/transferable skills of graduates. Professor   Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk explored the relationship between ESP, business and media in the context of new BA and MA university programs. Anna Stefanowicz-Kocoł looked at dealing with mixed specialization in ESP classes.  We had ESP practitioners and academics from different countries. Associate Professor Wenjie Shi looked at three issues concerning ESP classroom, practitioners and resources: demographic changes, materials and methodology design, and assessment in a paper entitled ‘The essential issues of  the ESP classroom from reflective view’. Practitioner Milena Yablonsky questioned whether there is a place for translation in ESP. 

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