Conference Update

We are making this announcement with news of the ESP20 conference which was due to be held 29 to 30  October 2020, hosted by Liverpool Hope University. Our intention was to welcome you all here to present your scholarly papers. The conference will not go ahead face to face as originally planned. We have been informed that the university has decided to cancel all the events this year due to the continuing spread of COVID 19. 
Therefore we have looked at our options and we have decided to go online conferencing. Continuing uncertainty in and around the UK/the world and changing flight restrictions due to the pandemic is making it impossible to plan sensibly for such an event. 
Some presenters have already told us that they prefer  presenting online.
We would like you to submit full papers by September 1st if you are interested in publishing your work, otherwise, you don’t need to submit full papers. 
Please continue to stay safe and well. More details to be followed.

Full paper submission

There are no specific guidelines to format your writing but it would be preferred if it’s written in Times New Roman with 12 font with a short abstract including start and conclusion.

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