The UNED summer course “Legal English: New perspectives for language and legal experts as well as for future experts” will take place 12-14 July 2021 online, both on live streaming and on recorded streaming mode, which means that the course may be followed at any moment until 1 September. The course has 1 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and includes an official certificate.

You can find all the relevant information here: 

ONLINE SUMMER COURSE (live or recorded streaming)

“Legal English: New perspectives for language and legal experts as well as for future experts”

The course, organised by UNED, aims to train in legal English both language-related and law-related professionals, as well as students of degrees related to both fields.

The course is completely online, and it can followed either on live streaming or on recorded streaming mode.

If for any reason a participant cannot follow it on those dates, the course can be followed watching the recorded sessions until 1 September.

The course, which is taught entirely in English, has two parts: the first one, which is taught by language experts, deals with the pronunciation of English, the peculiarities of its grammar and the pitfalls and features of its vocabulary; the second part, taught by legal experts, covers topics such as cooperation in civil and criminal matters, fighting mafia in Italy and cross-border mediation in the European Union.

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